Clearspan marquee types

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Pound-land/cost-saver marquees;      Very cheap, very light, ideal for home barbeques and keeping the sun off, but rubbish in wind and rain and the first good gust will hurl them over the neighbours fence.

DIY/garden centre marquees;  Ideal for summer parties and in sheltered back gardens, they can handle light rain and make good sun shades.  They’re still not very good in the wind and can easily end up wrapped around your car, and unfortunately they’re not as easy to put up as they look to be on the box and in most cases won’t go back into the packaging when you’re done with them.  It seems most families have one in their shed somewhere and very few of them still have all of the bits…

One of our GALA tents used as a sun shade.

One of our GALA tents used as a sun shade.

GALA type;  In recent years we’ve seen an increase in light-weight pole type marquees (not to be confused with Traditional marquees) GALA tents make a good version as do DIY marquees.  We often use these frame types for sun shades and easy up basic catering tents (BBQ’s etc.)  They’re relatively cheap and affordable and offer some weather protection – providing the site is sheltered.  These tents can be lined and we’ve even seen them floored and carpeted.  Please be aware that they are not really all that good at stopping rain and wind and really should be sited in sheltered areas if possible.  Most of these tents are of fixed size and they tend to be in 2M divisions i.e. 4M x 8M, 6M x 10M etc.

Party tent framed marquees;  These are the cross over from light-weight to commercial range marquees.  They tend to be either heavy pole construction or light ‘kader’ track frame.  Most of these type of marquees are of good quality and can handle the elements reasonably well.  GALA manufacture a version that is quite well respected in the industry, although it’s not popular as it’s not easily compatible with the larger Clearspan frames. and the market is currently alive with Chinese imports of varying standards and qualities.

Commercial Clearspan:  These are the marquees I spoke about at the opening of this section.  They are heavy in construction and happily cope with most of what the British weather has to throw at them.  Most reputable marquee hire companies will know the names of manufactures such as Roder, Tectonics and Hoecker, and most companies will hold an array of interchangeable stock.