Clearspan Marquees

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Clearspan are, as the name implies, clear-span and as such don’t have centre poles to get in the way.  They are built in a modular format with fixed widths and a multiple bay design that allows their length to be adjusted in multiples of 3 or 5M (i.e. 9m x 9m, 9m x 12m, 9m x 15m etc.).  We stock widths of 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15M with lengths up to 45M and more.

Clearspan marquees are the most popular choice for weddings and events these days as they are versatile, strong and require the minimum ground space having no guy ropes.  The higher wind loading capabilities of a Clearspan structure means that they can handle wind speeds of up to 70mph.

The roofs of a Clearspan marquee need to be pulled on from one side, so it is necessary to have a reasonable ‘pulling’ area for the task, but generally speaking Clearspan marquees can be placed close to walls, hedges and other obstructions.  The walls are fitted individually which gives a good choice of styles, we carry stock of solid white walls, completely clear ‘window’ walls and Georgian arched windows.  Doors are fitted in place of walls as required and of course any of the walls can easily be removed to bring the outside in on those perfect summer days.

It  is important to understand the difference between commercial grade Clearspan marquees and light-weight party tents and structures.  Commercial grade Clearspan are heavy duty alloy framed structures that are designed to handle the changeable British weather.  They are much heavier than the party tent structures and will take considerably more time and effort to put up and take down.  Most professional marquee companies will use commercial grades and won’t offer light-weight versions for main use.  The lighter versions are often hired for weddings and events by clients who shop on price alone and fail to understand the fundamental differences.

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