MARQUEE TYPES & DESIGNS – What type is right for you?

KEYMARQUE only stocks commercial grade CLEARSPAN marquees for weddings and events as we believe them to be the most suitable and reliable in practice, we can however, offer a range of alternatives using our trade partners if required.

To choose the right type of marquee it is important to understand the different types and standards of marquees available.



We use commercial quality Clearspan marquees as our number one choice and stock a broad range of sizes.  Clearspan marquees are, as the name implies, clear-span and as such don’t have centre poles to get in the way.  They are built in a modular format with fixed widths and a multiple bay design that allows their length to be adjusted in multiples of 3 or 5M (i.e. 9m x 9m, 9m x 12m, 9m x 15m etc.).  We stock widths of 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15M with lengths up to 45M and more.

Marquee Frame

Clearspan marquees are the most popular choice for weddings and events these days as they are versatile, strong and require the minimum ground space having no guy ropes.  The higher wind loading capabilities of a Clearspan structure means that they can handle wind speeds of up to 70mph. [Read More]


It’s best not to confuse Commercial grade marquees with the lighter ‘clear-span’ structures on the market, so for the sake of clarity I’ve made a list below that briefly summarises the alternative types, details of the various options are discussed on the ‘Read More’ link:

One of our GALA tents used as a sun shade.

One of our GALA tents used as a sun shade.

* Pound-land/cost-saver marquees;

** DIY/garden centre marquees;

*** GALA type;

**** Party tent framed marquees;

***** Commercial Clearspan:      [Read More]





Traditional marquees are exactly that – Traditional.  They are now mainly used for village fates and county shows, and although still quite popular many are now showing signs of wear.

Higher than their newer Clearspan cousins Traditional marquees give a feeling of space sometimes missing in newer marquees, but they are often restricted to fixed sizes and their centre poles can be ‘in the way’.  [Read More]

Unfortunately we don’t stock traditional marquees, but if you’re interested in using one we can probably recommend suppliers.



The popularity of Tipi’s has increased over the last few years.  Originally used in the plains of what is now North America they have worked their way into the UK as an alternative to regular marquees.


Tepees are not usually large, being round or hexagonal by design, and are joined together in a honeycomb type pattern to produce larger areas for weddings and events.  TIPI’s  can be quite dark when weather forces the sides to be down, but the inclusion of an open fire-pit is a nice touch.

We don’t stock Tipis ourselves but do have contacts in the industry and often supply everything else required for a wedding or event and sub-contract the Tipis.




Capri marquees are more ‘futuristic’ than most other types of marquee.  Capris’ tend to be irregular in shape with a series of poles placed at differing angles to push a single piece roof into a series of rolling points.  They are normally best used as roof only sun shades or for light rain protection, although some have side walls and windows.  It’s unusual to line a Capri and the marquee itself is often used as the focal point as opposed to interior decoration.  Capri Marquee

I haven’t been able to find information on their permissible wind loading, but assume that they will be better used in sheltered areas than on more exposed sites.

Unfortunately we don’t stock Capri marquees, but if you’re interested in using one we can probably recommend suppliers.